Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bill DeBlasio's Smith Street Protest Against Scarano

A quick update. I went to the corner of Smith and 2nd Place to check out the protest against Scarano. There were about 30 to 40 people at the subway station.
I have to hand it to Bill DeBlasio. He sure knows a media opportunity when he sees one. Here he was, with a portable little lectern, complete with New York City Council emblem. Very official. He made an impassionate speech about the unique nature of Carroll Gardens. He stated that he has met with the developer of the site and told him in no uncertain terms that he needs to get rid of Robert Scarano as the project architect if he wants to build here. He gave examples of Scarano's terrible record and violations with the Buildings Department. All true. Scarano is a snake of course.
But the entire protest in my opinion was a well orchestrated way for Bill, the Council Superman, to get some brownie points as a protector of Brownstone Brooklyn. I am sure some people bought it. However, it was very funny to see a group against the Atlantic Yards Project holding up big signs stating that " Bill De Blasio Loves Ratner" and "Bill DeBlasio Loves The Atlantic Yards Project."
It was perfect. Bill talking behind his little collapsable lectern with big posters over his head exposing him as a pro-development, pro-Ratner Politico. It was surely not the media event he was looking for.


Grand Inquisitor Fnord Moco said...

I was trying to figure out who that guy in the suit was. I see now. Was the rally-cum-media event organized by him or did he just take advantage? I find it very hard to trust any NYC politician, but if he's actually fighting this development I'll be glad of his effort. I did notice that his speech didn't say 'no condo development' or similar, just No Scarano, Union Labor, and 'respect the neighborhood'. How about 'must match the rest of the street'?

JustCurious said...

Hi there,
The rally was organized by his office
This was a great way for Bill deBlasio to seem concerned about over-development, but what he really was doing was to go after Scarano. Which of course is a great thing, but it does not solve all of the problems with this particular site. Still, the pressure on the developer is extreme now, and for that we have Bill to thank.
What worries me about Bill is that he seems to constantly tie the downzoning of Carroll Gardens in with the rezoning of the Gowanus Canal. He mentioned it today again. I don't think that we should try to save our neighborhood at the expense of the residents of the Gowanus. Developers need to rezone the area first so that they can build their big towers. Opening up that area is such a land grab, its terrible. Some people will make a lot of money developing the area.
We should be as concerned with what will be built there as with the Smith Street project. Its all the same neighborhood after all.

Anonymous said...

DeBlassio is a hypocrite. First he makes sure that where he lives, Park Slope, is protected from upzoning. Then he upzones 4th Ave. with no mention of the need for affordable housing. Then he says we need to build high along the Gowanus in order to create affordable housing. De Blassio is buddies with Buddy Scotto - a man who once said that one day you will know where the Gowanus is by the tall buildings that will line both sides of it.