Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Drilling Has Begun At Clarett's Court Street Site

A huge drilly thingy has shown up in front of the old Longshoreman's Association building at 340 Court Street. This big, nasty looking machine has been on the site since Friday. Usually, the drills are used to take soil samples.
When Clarett Group, the development company announced that they would be moving quickly at this site, they sure were not joking.
Last week the place was boarded up, this week they are drilling. Can demolition be far behind?

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Anonymous said...

That machine is doing geotechnical tests, boring into the earth to see what type of soil conditions lie beneath the site. They will be doing several over the next few days. The tests will determine how much weight the soil will support for the foundation design, and also where the water table stands.

Katia said...

Hi Anon,
You just taught me something!
I knew they were taking pre-construction soil samples, but had no real idea what exactly they could learn from them.
Now I know.
Are you an architect or an engineer?