Thursday, December 06, 2007

And Speaking About The Gowanus Canal...Important Meeting Coming Up

Photo Credit: zenobia_joy on Flickr

Don't miss Thursday's important forum on the Future of the Gowanus Canal, hosted by Senator Velmanette Montgomery, and co-sponsored by the Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation and the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, among others.
This is an important forum, as new DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis will be attending to hear our concerns about environmental issues surrounding the canal and to answer questions.

Thursday, December 6th
6-8 PM
Belarusian Church
Atlantic Avenue At Bond

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BiB said...

There's a Belarusian church where you are? Might you post a snap of it one day? Wondering if it's Orthodox or Uniate.

Kelly said...

Hey, Bib
Are you back in Berlin after your very funny visit to your 90-something friend?
It figures that you would be interested in a Belarusian Church...
Well, I snooped around and now I have all the info you:

"One of the least-visible Slavic communities in New York is the Belarusians. Anyone who's been to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, however, has certainly noticed St. Cyril of Turau Cathedral, the community's centerpiece.

The church was founded in 1950 by Belarusians fleeing the Soviet Union after World War II. Initially, services were held in rented premises in East New York, near an existing Belarusian parish, the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity at 400 Glenmore Avenue, founded in 1909."

For more AND a picture, click here on a website named SLAVS OF NEW YORK..isn't that perfect?

Detective Katia From Brooklyn

BiB said...

Katia, thank you so much for that. It's led me to a million other links and I'll look through them at my leisure when I get a chance. Yes, back in Berlin now. It's as grey as grey can be...