Friday, December 07, 2007

Brooklyn Over-Development Circa 1911

New York Times Headline 1911

City Hall 1870

Brooklyn Borough Hall 1911

New York Times May 28, 1911

You think Brooklyn is changing fast these days? The changes must have been even more drastic at the turn of the century as evidenced by this New York Times article dated May 28,1911.
The author describes the development over 30 years around the Borough Hall area in downtown Brooklyn. Here is an excerpt:

"Presenting Contrasts in Development Around The Borough Hall Of Brooklyn:
Five-story Hamilton Building on Court, Present Site Of Temple Bar was the tallest structure fourty years ago." "Brooklyn presents many interesting contrasts in respect to building changes within the last few years. An evidence of the business changes around the City Hall is well depicted in the two accompanying illustrations, the earliest one showing the City Hall and the old buildings on the west side of Court Street in 1870. " " When I first came to Court Street, The Pheonix Insurance Building was a queer one-story structure on the southwest corner of Court and Montague Streets, since replaced by the present seven-story structure with the Continental Insurance building on the corner." Mr. Rustin, real-estate broker
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Anonymous said...

Was Red Rose open then?

Katia said...

Cheeky, cheeky!
Yes, Red Rose first opened its doors in 1685...And its still the same owner!
Older even than Fraunces Taverns according to my " Carroll Gardens' Guide For Bloggers"