Friday, December 21, 2007

Fuming In Carroll Gardens!

This is it. I have definitely had it with Councilman Bill De Blasio and his dysfunctional office staff!
I am sure everybody remembers Bill's grand standing here in Carroll Gardens in the spring against Architect Robert Scarano. It made for a great photo op. However, after his little appearance, he must have forgotten that he wanted to make sure that the rogue architect would not build in our neighborhood again. But Mr. Mezzanine Scarano is still very much involved in two prominent building projects, one of which just got a go ahead after several months of stop-work orders.

Our Councilman has promised to help rezone Carroll Gardens, but he has been dragging his feet. Instead of using his office to insure that the change in zoning will get done in a timely manner, he has ignored the pleas of local residents.
So I am mad! I am fuming!
Bill, before you pursue higher office, follow through on your promises as a Councilman! Otherwise, you have no business asking for our votes!

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(photo credit: The Brooklyn Paper)

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Lisanne said...

I do believe that (the whole anti-Scarano posturing) was the "flavor of the month" for him and now he's tired of it. A bit too messy for him to get involved with. You would think with last weeks Patricia Lancaster news about her signing off on Scarano, it would be the perfect opportunity to say "I told you so!" but it seems that no one wants to mess with the D.O.B.

I'm thinking of changing the name of the art show at Freddy's to "Not Found in Brooklyn (anymore)"

Anonymous said...

I hope that Brookynites that do not live in deBlasio's current district are enlightened by the time the eleciton for BP rolls around. It seems that deBlasio rarely listens or responds to his current constituents unless they make a concerted effort to contact him en masse. Then he wakes up. DeBlasio has his own visions for Public Place, the Gowanus Canal, AY, etc. and will push his agenda through without regard to the voices of the people he represents.

His constituents whether they reside in Kensington, Windsor Terrace, or Carroll Gardens should not have resort to calling their state reps. for assistance on what are clearly city issues.

I would love to hear how the 333 Carroll St. permits were issued especially since that building was the poster child for out of context development at the recent CG landmarking meeting not to mention DeBlasio's very public excoriation of Scarano. So far there has been no response from his office.

Hey Bill - are you listening?

Anonymous said...

BTW has anyone else noticed that significant permits
approvals events etc always issues right BEFORE a holiday? Evidently the
POLS go away on vacation somewhere and regular people like us are stuck
dealing with the fallout and fuming!

The Scarano approvals on 360 Smith Street happened RIGHT BEFORE Fourth of
July remember? Now these permits for 333 Carroll come right before
Christmas....surprise surprise

The first (and last!) DeBlasio Town Hall meeting happened in CG right BEFORE
Labor Day

BTW: Ever wonder where all those "other" town hall meetings went? Our
neighborhood was promised supposed a "series" of meetings remember?

What happened to informing the public of options and FOLLOWING THRU?

Even that first Scarano rally (I guess there was another tiny one after
that) petered out into zero follow through/action. Now here we have Scarano
getting new permits on Carroll Street.....that building is so clearly out of
scale context affecting everyone around it whether they like it or not...the
pics show this so well.

And, the safety of the subway plaza and tunnel at Carroll Street is surely
an issue with a guy like that designing a building on top of it! Yet, he
and Lancaster continue even with the recent fall out...

Yes Councilman DeBlasio had better think long and hard before asking anyone
for votes from Carroll Gardens....

What exactly is the Councilman willing to do for us here that merits our
support and vote?

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, the initial Townhall meeting was supposed to be scheduled earlier in the summer but then deBlasio decided to hold it later since so many were on vacation but then he schedules it for just before labor day. I think that the organizers were shocked as to how many people turned out.

I have also been wondering what happened to those promised future townhall meetings.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Bill's constituents are completely opposed to the Atlantic Yards "project". Bill won't say why he didn't join Assemblymember Brennen when he called for more financial transparency between Ratner and the ESDC? Bill is on the wrong side of the Atlantic Yards ball and I hope that alone will keep him out of further public office. THANK GOD for term limits. Oh yeah, have you been over to the horrendous Kensington Post Office? It's just as bad as it's always has been. Thanks for that mailbox on Ocean Parkway for the elderly residents, that was a really great try Bill. Oh yeah, BILL DEBLASIO showed up an hour late for the townhall meeting called by Brennen about the horrendous Kennsington post office.

Might I insist that BILL DE BLASIO listen to HIS constituents, and openly and and vigorously as he can, oppose the Atlantic Yards Ratner Project and further over-development like Scarano's. We really should start a "STOP DEBLASIO" campaign. Early on, like now, like they do in Iowa.

Let's meetup Carroll Gardens, Park SLope and Kennsington and STOP DE BLASIO NOW!

Oh yeah, Happy Holidays everyone

Anonymous said...

amazing how other districts in Brooklyn manage to get Historic District Status..The city announced this week that Dumbo has been declared a Historic District excuse me .....but Bill Di BlahBlah whats going on with Carroll Gardens?????