Thursday, December 13, 2007

Have A Merry Little Brooklyn Christmas, Ingrassia Family


So here is the scenario:
Someone named Vognniere posts an old family Christmas movie on YouTube and a family reunion of sorts seems to have taken place.
The clip is entitled:
The Ingrassia Family, Having Christmas Eve in a basement in Brooklyn, NY, circa 1939 or 1940"
What is truly funny are the comments underneath the clip. It indicates some kind of Ingrassia family reunion taking place right on the YouTube site. But what is even funnier is that nobody seems to know Jennifer, a.k.a. Viognniere, who posted the clip in the first place, or knows how she got a hold of the clip in the first place. Might she be an Ingrassia, too?

Here are the comments:

alex125: -Hi! This is Elizabeth Ingrassia Cuttitta. I am John and Betty Ingrassia's grandaughter. Who are you and do you have any more videos?

butwart: -Hey Liz, its Roe, (Uncle Sals daugher) it seems like all the Ingrassias know about this video, but no one knows who this Jennifer is that put it out here.

jrinet:- I think we are related to the people in this video. Is the house on Remsen Ave. in Canarsie?

butwart: - Hi, this is the Benigno and Ingrassia Christmas taken at house on Remsen ave. who is this?????

jrinet:- This is John Ingrassia from Maryland.

utwart: -Hey John, this is Rosanne Mannina(benigno) Sals daughter, we are trying to figure out the mystery here of how they got a hold of this video. No one seems to know.

mikeing159: -This video is at my Papas house. Amazing.

Hey, Jennifer and Ingrassia family, let us know what the scoop is. Its quite a nice Christmas Story

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Anonymous said...

I'm pleased and a little stunned at all the attention this video received. This recording has been in my family for is of my grandfather (the child down front in the fedora), my great grandfather and their extended family. My great-grandfather Frank had two sisters and four brothers--so now, seventy years later, many of those siblings' grandchildren have [re]discovered this video and in turn, each other. I moved away from Brooklyn as a child, so I did not get to know my second, third and fourth cousins til now; this has been an unlikely and beautiful turn of events. Merry Christmas! :-) --Jennifer I. V.

Kelly said...

That is such a cool story. I found your video while searching Brooklyn on YouTube.
How lovely that by posting it you found some long lost relatives. Maybe you should have a family reunion. If you do, make sure you share the video.