Friday, December 07, 2007

Love And Real Estate In Carroll Gardens

(picture credit: flickr)

The folks at
intotheboxtv contacted me yesterday to share this great video about true love and real estate in Carroll Gardens. The video is called "Love In The Gardens Of Carroll." It tells the very romantic tale of how Chris Wert from Indiana met Lydia Benova of Slovakia. They fell in love, got married and made a home together. And guess where they chose to live? Carroll Gardens of course. But this would not be a true New York City love story if it did not include elements of the city's ever changing real estate market. So take just a few minutes to view this cool video. (And Chris and Lydia, if you want, contact me and we can have a welcome-to-the-neighborhood drink )


Anonymous said...

i think you posted the wrong video!

Kelly said...

That's so strange. It used to be the right one. Don't know what happened...
Thanks for letting me know. I just added the right code again.