Friday, December 21, 2007

New Permit For Mr. Mezzanine's Carroll Gardens Carcass?


Ever since the Buildings Department slapped a stop-work order on Mr. Mezzanine Scarano's condo conversion at 333 Carroll Street in Carroll Gardens, the site has been in construction limbo.
But hold on! What's this? New permits have been issued just two days ago. Could it be? Please tell me Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster and the Buildings Department have more sense than this?

I asked a friend who is an architect to take a look at the permit. This is her comment:

Yes it looks like permits have been re-issues for 333 Carroll.
The PAA, Post Approval Amendment, shown on the DOB site is Scarano's answer to the DOB objections. What I don't understand is that this PAA was filed with DOB on 1/08/07. Wasn't that before the community met at Borough Hall over this?

With permits issued, we are allowed to go to DOB and get copies of the filed papers and drawings. That way we can see what issues the DOB actually asked Scarano to address, and how he addressed them.

Here we are again. After all the controversy generated by this construction project
it is amazing that we are right back to where we were 7 Months ago.
And where is Bill DeBlasio and his man, Tom Gray? Do they know that the permit has been reissued?

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Gary said...

Katia, are you going to get the filings from DOB?

Kelly said...

I'll gladly go with someone in the neighborhood who can make sure we get all the papers, but after the Holidays.
I think it is a bit fishy that a permit has been issued on this particular site right before Christmas. Did they think we were not going to find out?
Scarano is so controversial and this site is so textbook for what makes this particular architect notorious, I am amazed....
On top of that, Bill deBlasio's little helper, Tom Gray assured the neighbors that there had been no action. Nice job...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. Not to be too conspiracy theorist but I am wondering if Bill has written off his current constituents' votes and Fischman is wooing Bill and promising to deliver votes in his neck of the woods. I have made sure that this is kept on Tom's radar and sent the message that we aren't going way so if they were aware it is inexcusable that no one was informed. Unfortunately, no one is around at cb6 that might be able to provide clarification. I forwarded Lori's email to Craig Hammerman to keep him in the loop. Really, all I want from Bill is for him to be responsive and show some common courtesy. I am fed up with his grand entrances and dog and pony shows.

Anonymous said...

If the architect in question is whom I am thinking of (we don't know each other but have a mutual friend), major props for all the effort-- and if it is not, I'm still glad folks are paying attention to this. I wouldn't have been surprised in the owners applied for a ** demolition ** permit at some point to just be done with all the hassle & put up some other crap instead. I found it very suspicious that they left this site open to the elements so long when, obviously, they did not totally stop all work when first ordered to.


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