Monday, December 24, 2007

The Tailor Of Court Street!

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I thought that I would take a few days off from posting about my Brooklyn area , until this little bit of news landed in my email box. Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill residents are loosing yet another essential service business. This time it's the tailor on Court street. At this rate, in a few years Court Street and Smith Street will be strips of banks, coffee places and restaurants. Nice going....
And guess what, Bill de Blasio is apparently making an appearance in Carroll Gardens. I am out of town, but would somebody please tackle him and hold him down till we get some answers and some help from our councilman?
Here is the email:

Dear Neighbors

Many of you have used the Trusting Tailors on Court Street or have passed by their friendly shop.? After being at that location for more years than I can remember, the OH's are being evicted (new landlord, new HIGH rent)? Some neighbors have been in touch with Bill DiBlasio and other elected officials to try to prevent their eviction in March.? There is a petition in the store that will go to Bill DeBlasio to show community support to block their eviction.? Please walk by and sign the petition.? The store is generally open from 7 am to around 7 p.m.

The Oh family is lovely and always donate to community causes plus have a collection box for people to send snacks, or holiday cards, (and non-perishable items) to our troops in Iraq. The Oh's are wonderful neighbors and have a big heart. Please stop by and sign their petition.

Linda Blyer

Kane Street.
PS: I was told that Bill DiBlasio may stop by the store on Monday to show his support.? Please try to stop by and show your support as well
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