Thursday, December 13, 2007

When Carroll Gardens Was Just Getting Started


Imagine it's 1855! The streets of what would become Carroll Gardens are already laid out. Developers are coming in and are building brownstones, a few here and a few there. But mostly, the blocks still look empty.

These maps were made by a William Perris, cartographer. Their purpose? For fire insurance.
A neat document, don't you think, dear reader?

Click on the individual map to get a larger image. The little pink boxes are the already built brownstones.

These images are from a great Brooklyn-Genealogy site. There are are lot more of these maps covering Downtown Brooklyn. To visit site, click here !

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Anonymous said...

Was it called Carroll Gardens back then also? Any history on the name?

Interesting developers came in to build.... that would have angered the owners of farms and large estates, but at least they were building timeless quality buildings.

Kelly said...

No, definitely it was not called Carroll Gardens. I think that name was used first in the 1960's. Before then, it was part of Red Hook.
What it was all called in 1855, I am not sure.
I totally agree with you. The old Brownstones in Carroll Gardens have stood the test of time. I am not quite sure the same will be said in 100 years about the new construction projects around the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Carroll Gardens was previously known as either Red Hood or South Brooklyn. It was only in the early 70s just around the time of the landmarking of President & Carroll Streets that the area was named (after Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence).

Kelly said...

Thanks for the confirmation on the name. I have been told many times that renaming the area Carroll Gardens was a way to separate the neighborhood from Red Hook because of the Hook's reputation as a "less desirable" area.
Realtors most probably came up with the name. One of the first realtors to see the marketing possibility of the area was Penelope Karagias . She had her real estate office at the corner of Smith and Carroll Streets.