Monday, January 14, 2008

The Brooklyn Bridge In Cuba?


Found on the internet. An old postcard from Cuba.
On the front of the card is clearly printed: "Brooklyn Bridge, Caimanera, Cuba. Say what?
Do the people of this small fishing town call this tiny wooden Bridge "Brooklyn?"
No other mention of it on the internet, but this about Caimanera
on the Wikipedia page:

Caimanera is a municipality and city in
Guantánamo Province on the south eastern coast of Cuba. It is a fishing village and port built on the West shore of the sheltered Guantanamo Bay, just North of the US naval base and South of the provincial capital, Guantánamo. Ships chiefly sugarcane and coffee.

Residents of this remote city are the closest Cuban neighbours to the US military camp and currently prison for combatants from a war in Afghanistan. The community of fishermen and salt mine workers flourished at the beginning of the 20th century precisely because of the base’s construction. It was a magnet for Cuban workers and a popular spot for visitors, including Cubans from across the island and people from nearby countries such as Jamaica.

I also found this great photo of American sailors in Caimanera taken in 1915 by a Harry A. Franklin. ( More of his pics here)
Maybe one of them was a Brooklyn lad who sold the Brooklyn Bridge to the good people of Caimanera!

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