Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lots Of Rats At Brooklyn Borough Hall


Did you know that Marty Markowitz, our very energetic Brooklyn Borough President is surrounded by rats? No, silly, I don't mean developer Bruce Ratner, though I am sure he has paid many a visit to our B.P.
I mean the real kind. The long-tailed gray creatures of the night. I took the pictures above at the end of December, on a walk to the main post office. Everywhere I looked, I saw big rat burrows in the planting areas surrounding Borough Hall, including the garden along the Court Street side of the building.
Yes, those dark round circles on the photos are rat holes. And believe me, they are big, leading me to conclude that the creatures who dug them are at least that big. Judging by the black bait stations on the side of the building, the problem is being addressed, though the holes and the boxes have been there for quite a while now.

All of Brooklyn Heights has been invaded by the creatures lately (click here). But all around Brooklyn, residents are complaining about rats.
It has been suggested that the continuous construction in our fair Brooklyn has displaced entire rat populations, so they have simply become more visible as they look for new digs. Its just nice to know that these pests plague our Borough Prez as much as they plague the rest of us here in Brooklyn.

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Monica said...

There have always been(or at least in the nine years I've been working in the area) lots of rats around Borough Hall. They are especially noticeable after dark.

Anonymous said...

I see them often when I am out at 5am for a run