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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mystery Of See-Through Truck Solved!

****Mystery Solved****

I present: The Parts And Labor " Mobile" Gallery

A comment left on my post regarding the mystery see-through truck I spotted in Greenpoint last week-end stated simply:

"Go to the website listed on the door of the truck and all will be revealed."

So I enlarged the picture, which I guess I should have done all along, and voilĂ "

The Parts and Labor Gallery

Turns out it is a "mobile art gallery in an eighteen-foot commercial box truck. It was created in 2007 to bring art to public locations all around the country. To read more about this cool idea, click here.
Parts and Labor Gallery's web site also has a very, very cool video of how the vehicle was changed from a regular looking truck to, well, a sensational one.
The video is sort of like an episode of"Pimp My Ride" except more artsy!
A must see. CLICK HERE

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