Thursday, January 24, 2008

No. 1 Dry Cleaner In Pieces On Smith


The community had been warned, yet it still seemed strange when it happened. We had all read the sad news on
The Gowanus Lounge a few weeks back: the No.1 Dry Cleaner had been priced out of its location at the corner of Sackett and Smith Streets by a new landlord who wanted way too much rent.
"Last Day January 19. Pick Up Your Dry Cleaning. Business closing."
And today this, a sad sight. The store is empty and the huge dry cleaning machines are out on the sidewalk.
As I was taking a few pictures, one of the workers shook his head:
" It's a shame. All of this is garbage"
"I thought the dry cleaner could use it in some other location" I replied.
"Nah, all of this is just garbage. I was told the owner of this building raised the rent on this guy."
I told him that indeed, that was the story I had also heard. I can only imagine that this heavy equipment cost quite a bit to buy originally.
Though the dry cleaner has another location on Smith between Carroll and 1st Street, his wife already told me that the landlord at that address won't allow the heavy machines.

While we were having our conversation, two guys with shopping carts gleefully filled them with all the pipes and smaller parts laying about. I caught up with them a few minutes later as they made their way up Smith, probably to sell the metal to a junk yard.
I asked if I could take a picture of them with the pieces of what was once the No.1 Cleaner. They thought it was funny and posed for my camera.
(And for those who love HBO's The Wire as much as I do, it was one of those Bubbles moments)

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Anonymous said...

Great photos, Katia. I saw this, too, yesterday. So, no machines at Kim's up the street? What, they send their clothes out? Thanks for asking!