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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Renaissance" Spa On Court Street?

Store Front Now
For those of you who have been wondering what will go into the space that was once occupied by Renaissance Pharmacy at 331 Court Street, I have the answer for you. A Spa! As I was heading to the Carroll Gardens Down-Zoning Rally yesterday, I talked to someone who was working on the store front. I asked him if he knew what's coming to the location. As he informed me that a spa was opening there, a little old lady walked by pushing her shopping cart. She must have overheard the man, because she muttered:
"Not another spa. We already have one on every block in this neighborhood"
She is right, you know.


Anonymous said...


Just a follow on the barber on Henry street (near Sackett), well it is not closed! All right, let's keep this place!...

You should see the culture shock between the local/old Italian interacting with the outspoken hairstylist who is Ukrainian, only in Brooklyn!

PS: Witnessing it while waiting... it is a pretty successful place...

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm actually the owner of the business in question... and I will clear up that it's not exactly a spa... it is my massage therapy practice that will consist of myself and associates. It will have a steam room and Japanese soaking tub which seems spa-like but these things are there to add more effectiveness to the massage which is the focus.

The practice is based on holistic principles of health and client care through the use of massage therapy as well as lifestyle & wellness suggestions. I look for results in the work I do both alleviating stress and pain while restoring use and function of the body... i.e. "moving efficiently and resting in equanimity."

If you want to add me to the list of so-called "day spas" in our hood... that is fine but I assure you there is no comparison to what I have going on with such places as Home Spa, Providence or Area. (My personal opinion of course, I'm biased but also have been to each of those places myself and consider my perspective to be as critical as a massage therapist for the past ten or so years can be.)

I hope I don't catch too much from posting this... just wanted to put out my reply.

My website is www.dharmanyc.com
It will be updated soon as well.


Katia said...

Hi Owner,
Thanks for writing and for clarifying what your business will be.
It sounds absolutely lovely. I could go for the Japanese soaking tub...
The storefront looks beautiful. I appreciate the fact that you took great pains to make it blend into a brownstone neighborhood.
When is opening day?
Keep us informed so that we can announce the big day to the neighborhood.