Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busting Windows At 340 Court


Behind the newly erected wooden fence at 340 Court Street came the sound of breaking glass yesterday. The windows are being taken out of the old building one by one....another step closer to demolition.
On a related (and brighter) note, the Union-Sackett Block Association is meeting with the Clarett Group on Thursday. From their blog:

On Thursday morning, the Union-Sackett Block Association Core Committee will meet with Daniel Hollander, the Senior Managing Director of Clarett Group, along with other representatives from the Clarett Group. The meeting will be held at Clarett's Manhattan offices and members of the USBA will reiterate to Clarett the importance of working with the community, express community concerns about design and construction, and prepare for another meeting scheduled for March, when Clarett will present its plans for 340 Court St. to the entire community.

There will be an update about this meeting later this week.

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