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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Ghostbuster In Carroll Gardens?

You don't believe me?
Well, read this flier posted on Smith Street
(spelling mistakes included)

Are you having trouble with the supernatural?
If so, call us: the brooklyn ghost investigators.
We will investigate, and answer all questions and let you know, If Furthur investigation is necessary,we will then let you know if anything else may be involved regarding clients matter.Such as house blessing, Or american indian smudgeing. (sage burning)etc.
for more info:
please contact sal

Say what? Are ghosts a real problem around here?
And what, may I ask, is a sage burning?
Or would I rather not know?

Story Update


My story on the Brooklyn Ghost Investigator made it onto the New York Times'
City Room page today. But that's not all!

My blogger friend Morgan Pehme of The Brooklyn Optimist was so intrigued by my little post on the Brooklyn Ghost Investigator that he actually dialled the number on the flier. He called me this morning to let me know that he had talked to Sal Ciccone, the 27 year-old who will rid your home of any pesky spirits.

Read Morgan's wonderful interview with Sal here.

An Optimistic Interview with Brooklyn's Real-Life Ghostbuster

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Anonymous said...

You people are out of your mind!

You are ripping people's hard earn money by feeding off of their fears with your childish tricks.

They should be placed in jail!

Darleen said...

I'm not going to say whether there's ghosts or not, but by charging money you're garanteeing results. How can you put a pricetag on your abilities in a feild that can't be proven? How can you put a pricetag on people's peace of mind? This isn't like Pest Control. I hope you either get shut down or stop charging money. You're damaging the field of paranormal research.

Skidoo said...

Darleen wrote:

You're damaging the field of paranormal research.

That's funny right there. What has 100+ years of paranormal "research" given us? Zilch.

But I imagine it'd be hard to get rid of companies like this, except maybe at the local ordinance level.

Anonymous said...

Skidoo= They are damaging the paranormal field by CHARGING for their so called services! It doesnt matter how long paranormal research has been going on, what you fail to realize is that there are thousands of people who spend their time and own money conducting investigations in search of an answer to life after death. The one thing that all of us real investigators have in common is that this NOT a means of employment, we do it because we enjoy helping people. A true investigator would never charge for their services....PERIOD! Yet these con artists are trying to take advantage of people who simply dont know any better. Also, if you really think that 100 years of paranormal research has proven zilch, you obviously havent done ANY real research for yourself. So stop trying to discuss things you have absolutely ZILCH experience with.

Anonymous said...

Those guys should be given credit for sheer audacity. This reminds me of the Encylcopedia Brown book where the kid hangs out his shingle. And I like the fact that they don't care about capitalization.

Ken said...

Should I laugh, roll my eyes, or sigh? I can't decide.

I stumbled across this little gem and followed the trail here. Now I'm even tempted to join in and blog about it! I know people will be angered by these kids, and some will just laugh it off. But when it all boils down, aren't you asking for trouble if you offer to pay someone money when they come across amateurish?

No offense, of course. I don't know Sal.

But it's a bit silly. And just a little wake-up call: if you want to make money, paranormal investigation isn't the right career path. Even if you lacked scruples and charged, say, $20 per hour, you would ultimately lose money in the end. Of course, that's assuming you use any form of equipment to gather evidence...

I know these are tough times, but sheesh! LOL

sal said...

ok people here it is you might like this. the chargning is dead for good. there will not be $20.00 an hour or any other charge. the fee is free. the two people that was with me in the daily news is not with me any more. I am starting new ,better and fresh out the bag. i have a new and better partner his name is carl vallo. the show will begin filming next month. It will be aired on bcat tv on time warner or cablevision.it will be fun and creepy . and again there will be no charge. thanks