Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Story about The New St. Clair And The Two Dollar Special


A few days ago, I walked down Smith Street to Atlantic Avenue and was pleased to see that the old St.Clair diner is ready to be reopened as the "New" St.Clair. It is nice to welcome this neighborhood spot back.
As I was inspecting the new signs and taking pictures to share with you , dear reader, I found a small piece of paper taped to a side door on Smith. All it said was

$ 2.00 Special.
I was a bit confused. Was the diner already advertising? The place had not even opened yet and the notice looked a tiny bit unprofessional compared to the spiffy new neon lettering. I couldn't figure it out. Until today.

You see, today, I met Psychic Reader Bonnie. She was sitting right next to the St.Clair on a folding chair. The $2.00 special was not an egg sandwich advertised by the diner, but a reading from this local entrepreneur. She seemed a bit skeptical as I was taking pictures.
"Are you taking a picture of my sign?" she asked me angrily.
I hesitated for a moment before I lied.
"No, no. I am shooting a photo of the big new building across the street." I fibbed. " The area is changing so quickly."
"Yes" she replied. "Isn't it nice?"
I wasn't exactly going to get into a conversation about out-of-control development in downtown Brooklyn with a psychic. Before I could continue my walk, she said:
"Do you want me to read your aura?"
I declined and left Ms. Bonnie sitting there on the sidewalk, in front of her "establishment."
She called me back before I reached the curb.
"Here is my card, if you ever need my services." she told me.
With that, she put a business card into my hand. This is what was printed on it:
Psychic reading by Bonnie
One free question by phone
call 718 *** ****

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Anonymous said...

I think the old St. Clair's sign also said the New St. Clair -
so named hasn't changed even if been remodeled.

Anonymous said...

I would have asked her about the prospects for landmark.

My mom was a psychic. At 10 p.m., she always knew where her children were....