Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another Missing Gate In Carroll Gardens


You remember last week, I wrote about a stolen gate on President Street? Someone took it right off the hinge and walked down Smith Street with it before being confronted by neighbors who had followed him? Luckily, he gave back the gate.

A while back, one block away but also on President, number 327 also lost its gate. In addition, it lost both stair posts and the balusters along one side. Obviously, the thieves were interrupted before they could strip the other side. How sad!

The house has been empty for years and looks sad enough as it is. If the house should ever get renovated to its former glory, the expense of replacing the ironwork will have to be added. And that costs quite a pretty penny.

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Anonymous said...

327 President was sold early last year by the previous owner's heirs. Since then, the new owners have neither been seen nor heard. Rumor has it the house is back on the market, but who knows if that is true.