Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enough Stickers Already, Brooklyn Industries!


Dear Folks at Brooklyn Industries,

What where you thinking
handing out your logo stickers?
Where did you think they would end up?
They are so annoying.
They are everywhere on Smith
and beyond.
On every parking meter pole,
on every public telephone,
even on traffic signs.
Yes, there are others' , too
But yours stand out.
Isn't your corner at Smith and Atlantic
logo-fied enough,
What with the big mural and flag?

Please stop handing them out.
And if you placed them around the neighborhood yourself,
shame on you.

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J$ said...

this should be directed at the people who buy the clothes, not the store. i dont think this is a problem near the park slope stores.

apple puts 2 stickers in with every ipod but you dont see apple stickers everywhere. it's the customer not the store.

Anonymous said...

It could very well be BI's "street team" younger kids they coax into putting the stickers up in exchange for clothes. I cant imagine someone spending 80$ on a sweatshirt, 40$ on a tshirt feeling compelled to put stickers up all over the neighborhood..Record companies, clothing lines, skate stores, bands all have street teams..

Anonymous said...

These stickers from all types of groups are getting worse than spray painted grafitti in the neighborhood.
(PS - also with spring approaching all those stupid flyers for stoop sales,etc will soon be taped to all over the 'historic' lampposts on Smith.)