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Monday, March 17, 2008

On Henry, Attack Of The Cell Phone Towers!

Henry Street

On Friday, I received the email below from a reader who reports on a new cell phone antenna which has been mounted right onto the façade of a house on Henry Street.
"Hi, I wanted to know if there was anything you could do to help us with 553 Henry Street? They put up some cell phone antenna on the facade and I am very scared when walking with my little children that they might fall? I have never seen it done this way.
They just went up today , I think. These are on the roof, but 1 is on the facade. Unreal. I am not sure how many. But is this legal? They have a permit in the window. But on the facade? This is a major hazard. Carroll Gardens needs to get landmarked really fast!"
So on Saturday, I took a little walk to Henry, and the reader was not kidding. It was quite a site. I am not sure how I can help, but I checked on the D.o.B. web site. A permit was issued back in January for:
"Installing Telecommunications Cabinets with related dunnage & antennas on roof in conformance with TPPN #5/98."
No mention of anything being attached to the façade and hanging over the sidewalk. I can understand the concerns of the reader. Does anyone have any advice?

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Anonymous said...

Switch sidewalk and enjoy the multiple bars on your cell!

Anonymous said...

well that was a stupid comment.