Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scotto's Wine Cellar Going "Gateless" On Court

Scotto's Wine Cellar at 318 Court

Scotto History: Meet Leo, Anthony, Sal and Frank, above

The original storefront.
On the window, the store's liquor license number: W22

Court Street Curbside Wine Delivery

You may have noticed the sign in the window of Scotto's Wine Cellar at 318 Court Street. During one of the last wind storms, the awning was ripped off and has to be replaced. So, the owner, James Benedetto, decided to update the store's front at the same time. In the process, the big heavy gate will come off. Benedetto feels that the neighborhood has become so much safer since it was installed about twenty years ago, that he no longer feels the need for one.

James took over Scotto's in the late 1980's and with it, it's history as one of the oldest liquor stores in New York City. He showed me the wonderful photographs of the store and the Scotto's who ran the place so many years ago. Aren't the photos lovely?

If you look carefully at the picture of the storefront, you can see that originally, the entrance was in the center and the windows were made of rounded glass. And you see the gold lettering and numbers? W 22 was the liquor license number issued to Scotto's right after prohibition. Neat, no?

I can't wait to see the new "gateless" storefront. I am sure Leo, Anthony, Sal and Frank would approve!

Scotto's is at 318 Court Street

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish they all would get rid of those solid roll-down gates.
The see through ones are okay but the solid ones are so depressing and just a canvas for graffiti.
To me just an insult to people who live in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The Scotto's tradition has been, one step ahead of the times. Being one of the oldest wine shoppes in NYC for starters. Mr. B is also quite a pleasant retailer, as are his employees. Now, once again the gates that served a purpose, are no longer necessary! Thanks to the healthy environment of the community. Progressive is good.

Francesca said...

Wow. Lovely photos. My grandpa (Anthony Scotto) is amazed seeing these photos. These brought back many memories and stories of his brothers working together. What a treat this was to share with him! Thank you!

Katia said...

Hi Francesca,
I am so pleased that your father liked the old photos. If he ever wants to share some of the stories from the past. I would gladly post them on PMFA.