Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stroller Gridlock On Court



In front of Court Street's Tea Lounge,

A plethora of strollers.
Gridlock, I tell you!

[where: tea lounge, Court Street]
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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I moved out of the neighborhood. Strollers are such a menace. There used to be a guy who'd commute at the same time that I would at 9 in the morning powerwalking down Clinton with a double wide stroller and he'd always ask me to the move out of the way just before he ran me over with it. I think stroller people are worse then the people with the huuuge two people umbrellas when it rains.

Anonymous said...

When Bloomberg finishes bungling his congestion pricing plan, to the detriment of our neighborhoods, I hope he goes after stroller congestion and taxes the hell out of these out-of-control parents.

Strollers coming into the City on the PATH train should have to pay an additional stroller commuter tax.

Paul Savoy-Reid