Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Burst Of Color From My Red Camelia


It happened two days ago,
without fanfare!
Here they suddenly were,
the opened flowers of my camelia.
A crimson red,
so bright,
they take my breath away.

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amarilla said...

Beautiful. A very smart person once told me that tea is made from Camelias, Camelia Sensis or something like that.

Kelly said...

Oh, I will have to research that. "Camelia Sensis" sounds ever so elegant...
I always have to think of Alexandre Dumas's "La Dame Aux Camélias". I remember reading it as a young girl and crying my heart out.
It is one of those old fashioned, tragic love stories in which the beautiful love interest dies of consumption with white camelias all around her deathbed.
I think it was based on Dumas' own love affair with a beautiful courtesan. But I am not 100% sure about that little tidbit.