Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Neighbors Need Help Fighting Hoyt Street Bar


Below is a message from the Hoyt Street Alliance. The residents of Hoyt Street have been fighting a proposed oyster bar at # 303, right next door to the Black Mountain Wine Bar. The location is on a stretch of Hoyt that is not zoned commercial and neighbors have argued that no liquor license should be granted to the establishment.
Tomorrow, Community Board 6 will probably vote on the issue at their general meeting.
The board has only an advisory role but it serves to represent the concerns of the community. So the members of the Hoyt Street Alliance have asked others to come and show support in the Alliance's fight against the bar.

Dear Friends,
The General Board of CB6 is likely to vote tomorrow night on
the liquor license for a bar in the middle of Hoyt Street (not a corner) - a
wholly residential block between St. Agnes Church and P.S. 32. If you can
come out and show your opposition, it would be sincerely appreciated. Signs
would be good!

The meeting is at:
6:30 PM
Castle Senior Living
1 Prospect Park West
(Union & President Streets)
Brooklyn NY

[where: 303 Hoyt Street]

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Anonymous said...

I don't see the time of meeting mentioned. But afraid I can't make it anyway. But I did sign online petition and I'll sent CB6 an email now.

Kelly said...

Sorry, I just updated the post. It is at 6:30 Pm tonight.

Anonymous said...

Many, many, many years ago, when I was a student at St. Agnes elementary school, those three storefronts were occupied (from left to right)by a dry cleaner, a small grocery, and a pharmacy on the corner. I specifically remember the dry cleaner. The nuns would have their habits cleaned there because the "French" dry cleaning method was required for the fabric. The grocery store was owned by a man named Jimmy whom I remember as never cracking a smile over anything. Not once. The pharmacy was owned by Max Margolis. Max's German Shepard dog would often go to Jimmy's and carry an ice cream cone back to Max. I don't know if Max ate it or his dog....

Kelly said...

Oh, please, more stories.
I love to hear about the past and so do the other readers, I am sure.
What else do you remember? Please, pretty, please!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember lots of things! I attended St Agnes between 1959-1967, so that's going WAY back! Sadly, the school & convent were converted to residential apartments quite a while ago.

Anonymous said...

So what happened at the CB meeting?