Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hoyt Street Alliance Says "No" To Oyster Bar At Public Hearing

Tom Gray and Jillian Waldman of Bill De Blasio's office

Paul Nelson from Joan Millman's office

Leroy Branch, Community Board 6

Jim Mamary

It is clear that residents of Hoyt Street do not want restaurateur Jim Mamary's proposed Oyster Bar at number 299-301. Their very logical reason in opposing the new business? The proposed location is on a very narrow, short, residentially-zoned block. They have enough problems just getting a good night's sleep, what with the nightly noise emanating from Mamary's adjoining Black Mountain Wine Bar.

The lesson at the public meeting organized by the Hoyt Street Alliance last night was this: The State Liquor Authority's process of issuing liquor licenses is deeply flawed. To make matters worse, Community Board 6 is too pro-business and does not take an active enough role in monitoring where and how many liquor licenses are issued in the community.

Speaker after speaker at last night's meeting expressed frustration with S.L.A. but more importantly with Community Board 6 members who " mistreated, disrespected and vilified" the residents who appeared in front of C.B.6 to speak against the bar. Mentioning that their concerns were never fully heard, members of the Hoyt Street Alliance organized this public meeting. In attendance were representatives from Councilman Bill DeBlasio's office, State Assembly Woman Joan Millman's office, Senator Marty Connor's office and Leroy Branch from Community Board 6. The testimonies were taped and will be sent to the State Liquor Authority.

Sitting quietly off to the side and listening carefully was Jim Mamary himself. Except for one resident who spoke in favor of the bar, all speakers were opposed to it.

To lend support, neighbors of Union Hall in Park Slope, the highly controversial bar that has provoked so much anger, spoke of the fact that once a liquor license is issued for an address, it is virtually impossible to have it revoked "even if it is a misery trip for the neighbors."

The members of the Hoyt Street Alliance are a force to be reckoned with. Well spoken and passionate about preserving the peace and quiet on their residential block, they might finally shame C.B.6 into taking a closer look at the liquor license applications that pass before it, but most importantly, listen to the residents who are most affected by the bars that have been proliferating in our neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

About 50 neighbors turned out for this meeting! As you say, public opinion is overwhelmingly AGAINST this project. Mr. Mamary, please show you really are the "good guy" you keep calling yourself, and walk away from this bad idea with dignity & class. Moving on would be the best self-promotion you ever did!