Monday, June 23, 2008

Audra Rocks Carroll Park

Audra Rox Concert at Carroll Park this Saturday had to be the social event of the season for the "under eight" crowd. Audra "Groupies" with the signature magenta streak in their hair to look just like their idol, were dancing and singing along to every song.
A huge number of fans and their parents had come out to this, the first concert of the Carroll Gardens 2008 Kids' Concert Series. It was an unbelievable success and everyone had a blast.
Thanks go out to Simmi Degnemark, the Carroll Gardens mom and wonderful volunteer who organized this year's series. She worked incredibly hard to make this event a reality. If you see her, make sure to thank her. She really deserves it!
(That's Simmi above on the photo with her two kids and her nieces.)

The next concert in the series will feature Lloyd Miller And The Brooklyn Phonebook and is scheduled for July 9th at 4 PM.

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