Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: A Weird Tale From Carroll Gardens

Objects of desire
(The actual roses from the tale)

I promise you, dear reader, this is a true story.
It happened to a resident here in Carroll Gardens on Monday night.

At 9:45 Pm, the doorbell rings. A man in his mid-thirties is standing in front of the door of a brownstone. The homeowner opens:

" Can I help you?" inquires the owner.

" This might sound crazy," the man says " but I have been admiring those pretty pink roses in your yard. Today is my anniversary! I was wondering if you would give them to me so that I can bring them home to my wife."

The homeowner was stunned. Not believing what he had just heard, he said:
" You must be kidding me. I don't even cut those roses to bring them into the house."

The man looked disappointed but mumbled, " Oh, all right." and shuffled off into the night.

So pardon me for asking, dear reader, what do you think?
Was this the cheapest husband around or the most romantic one?

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RI 360 said...

Were the roses there the next morning?

Katia said...

Oh yes, they were.
That's when I took the picture.

Anonymous said...

that was the nicest thing
"honey, i saw these beautiful roses in the garden of a neighbor and they reminded me of our anniversary, wedding, you, true love, etc"
i'm a "it's the thought that conts" kinda guy
i must admit when i bought
a dozen roses for my mom, wife is even nicer