Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bastille Day Rendez-Vous 2008: Pétanque, Bal Musette And... The Solex


For Picture Of The Actual Event, Click:
The Champs-Élisées? Mais, non! It's Fifth Ave. On Bastille Day 2008

I will try to attend two Bastille day events on the same day, in two different boroughs.

Impossible, vous-dites? Mais non!

First, I will walk down Smith Street to check out Bar Tabac's cool Pétanque Tournament, then I will hop on the subway to 6oth Street in Manhattan to attend the "Bastille Day Rendez-Vous" on 60th.
For all info on the event, go to the organizers' web site here.

But the highlight of the event for me surely will be the 2008 Greater New York Citroën And Velosolex Club's Rendez-Vous which will start at 10 Am at Grant's Tomb, at Riverside Park and 122nd Street and will end up at the street fair.

Participants will proudly drive their Velosolex or their vintage Citroën 2 CV's around the streets of Manhattan.

Now if you don't know either the Velosolex or the 2 CV, well, they are as French as Pernod and Gauloises Cigarettes. I have written about the Solex before on this blog. They are the goofiest, funnest mode of transportation around. Don't believe me?
Check out this cool video sent to me by fellow Solex aficionado Brian and check out his web site here:

So, you see, you may not be in France for Bastille Day, but there are plenty of events to at least pretend you are!
And if you would like to own your very own Velosolex, check out the
Velosolex USA web site.

Photo credit: Briansolex

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Serge the Concierge said...


Found out about the Brooklyn Petanque Tournament via your site and mentioned it on Serge the Concierge.
This one seems like a good one.
Might try to make it there.

'The French Guy from New Jersey

Katia said...

Merci beaucoup, Serge Le Concierge,
J'aime bien les mentions.

Yes, Bar Tabac sure knows how to throw a party. It is worth trekking to Brooklyn for.
Where in New Jersey are you?

Anonymous said...

The Smith st one is Great i have been there and will go again what a wonderful day.

rusnan said...

hai all i like solex comunnity touring