Friday, July 11, 2008

How A Microsoft Commercial Directed By Michel Gondry Turns Into A Donation For Carroll Park

Microsoft commercial being filmed on Smith Street, Brooklyn

Partizan Entertainment has been busy shooting Michel Gondry's Microsoft commercial in Brooklyn. After a few days of shooting in the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza and in Prospect Park, the production moved to Smith Street. Between Carroll Street and Union Street, huge trucks and trailers lined the street.
As I walked by late in the afternoon, filming was mostly taking place inside Armando's Tailor and Dry Cleaning place at 317 Smith Street.

Early in the day, The Committee To Improve Carroll Park, of which my husband and I are members, received the email below from Partizan's location manager.

I am working with a production company called Partizan Entertainment on a commercial film shoot for Microsoft. Our company is shooting today on Smith Street directly across the street from Carroll Park in Brooklyn. We would like to go into the park today at some point and shoot a short scene. Once we are set up, shooting inside the park would only take about 2 hours to complete...

I am hoping that because we are already permitted with the Mayor's Office to shoot outside the park on the block that it will be possible to do this one scene inside the park.

Of course, if we shoot in the park we would like to make a donation to the park.

Please, let me know how to proceed. And please call me with any questions or concerns that you have.

The crew ran out of time and did not have the chance to do the additional shoot in the park, but the Location Manager called my husband back later in the evening and said that they will make a donation to the park anyway.

That's pretty cool and super nice, no?
Thanks, Partizan.
You can come back to the neighborhood anytime

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Anonymous said...

Love the microsoft . That was really nice.

Anonymous said...

What kind of $ we're talking about?

Katia said...

I do not know the actual amount yet, but I am dying to find out. I'll report back as soon as I hear.

Anonymous said...

Commercial sucked big time.