Monday, July 21, 2008

Former Blockbuster Space On Court Still Looking For Retailer

After standing empty for a very long time, the old Blockbuster Video at 288 Court Street saw some action in the last few weeks. Gabby at Brownstoner reported early in June that the building had been sold for $3.7 million to Broadmill Development. When asked, a principal of the firm stated that the space would either be redeveloped or leased to a retailer.
It would seem that the new owner has opted for the latter.
Recently, workers were going in and out of the space and Carroll Gardeners were busy speculating.
And than just days ago,a new "Retail Space Available" banner was once again hung across the fa├žade of the empty space and this time, the rental agent is Ripco, a retail real estate company.
Lets hope that they have more luck filling the space.
More importantly, lets hope something other than a drug store chain will be interested in the location.

* To read more about the history of the building, read the comments on this post:

Former Blockbuster Space On Court Finally Seeing Some Action!

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