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Revisiting Mr. Stein's 360 Smith Street / 131 Second Place Oliver House Site

Rendering of Oliver House

September 18, 2008

July 14, 2008

June 20th, 2008

June 3, 2008

May 5th 2008

April 18, 2008

It has been a while since I posted a photo of Mr. Stein's Oliver House site at 360 Smith Street/ 131 Second Place. For the last few months, I have regularly added a bird's eye view of the construction site. And then, in July,
the City Council unanimously passed the Wide Street Text Amendment, which limits the permitted height and density of new construction on some blocks in Carroll Gardens. The next day, stop work orders were issued to all construction sites within the area covered by the text amendment.

Mr. Stein had hoped that his project would be exempt from the amendment, but work had to stop immediately on his site as well. Stein will now argue his case in front of the Board of Standards And Appeals. Two applications have been calendared for Oliver House on September 24th, 2008 at 10 AM.
He will have to prove that the foundation of Oliver House is far enough along and that he has suffered financial hardship due to the zoning change.
The hearing at the BSA is a public one, so Carroll Gardeners will have a chance to speak and to present their own evidence.
For more information, go to C.O.R.D.'s web site.

In the meantime, Stein posted a construction site report on Oliver House's internet page which reads:
As a result of the recent change in the zoning laws affecting Carroll Gardens, work at Oliver House has been temporarily suspended. This delay will, unfortunately, extend the time in which the subway plaza will be closed, and the overall time in which the project will be under construction.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes to the community of Carroll Gardens and the numerous residents who have been so supportive; but, unfortunately, the delay is the result of the manner in which the zoning change was effectuated and was out of our control. As soon as we are able to resume construction and bring this exciting new subway plaza and building to completion, we will do so. Thank you for your understanding.

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[where: Oliver House, 131 Second Place, 360 Smith, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn]

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Anonymous said...

Too bad those photos of 360 Smith don't come with sound and vibration. Hope he never gets to build his stupid pile.


Anonymous said...

can i say one thing,
why don't everyone just leave Mr. Stein alone
he owns a piece of property
is utilizing it for his own intentions
as in "this is america"
how would someone like if you started posting pictures of their own backyard
finding objection with everything there
"oh, he's growing too many tomatoes plants, who does he think he is"
'oh, oh, i was looking out my window last night, he was looking at the moon"
"oh, oh, oh, let's start a coalition, he's going too far now, playing music in the yard, isn't that noise pollution if he doesn't play music i like"
"oh, oh, oh, oh, hey, mabel, look out your window, she's got the gall to hang blouses on the clothesline in her yard that i don't like.
what nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, there should be a law that she can only hang the type of clothes i like, we got to call june and mary lou and claire and felecia and antoinette, and Rueben Giessinger, and Haessler Japak Drought and Angelillo Tyesha Chavayda and lulu and carl and john and joe and Batkin florencia Dedier"
i mean, for sure, he's an acomplished builder, architect, financier, etc, dad, son, husband, etc
does anyone really feel he just goes around squandering his money on a bad project?
is he going to leave the building half done and take off to mexico with his mistress?
and, lo and behold,
a few years from now, when the building is complete, will anyone start a coalition because the new business has increased my deli business 37?
"oh mabel , i'm sorry i can't talk now i have to go to a party at the new building, i made so many friends there that moved in, see ya, mabel"
who will protest the beautiful new subway plaza Mr. Stein has just completed?
i mean, everyone likes to complain and buzz around and have someone to talk about, i mean something to talk about, but, pardonmeforasking, my grandfather went to work, raised a family, and was the best grandfather in the history of the world, he didn't protest this and that, follow people around, gossip about what was going on in someone else's back yard, did he?
and i'm notkidding