Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Take A Moment To Save L.I.C.H.'s Pediatric's Department

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An email is being circulated on several list servers regarding Long Island College Hospital's proposed closing of their pediatric unit. It is a response to an announcement made at the Community Board 6 meeting.
According to the
Daily News:

Brooklyn's Long Island College Hospital will close by the end of the year if the state does not approve a plan to shutter its money-losing units, the head of the institution said Monday night.
"I cannot go through the rest of the year without relief," said Stanley Brezenoff, president of the hospital's corporate parent, Continuum Health Partners.
Speaking at a packed Community Board 6 meeting last night, Brezenoff said he has asked the state Health Department for permission to shut down the pediatric and dentistry departments.
The latest cost-cutting measures come after the hospital asked for the state's okay in July to close its maternity ward.
"Sometimes an amputation is necessary," Brezenoff said.

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After years of mismanagement, it seems clear that Continuum has brought Long Island College Hospital to its knees. Shame on them. If you are as outraged as I am, take a moment to read Dinah Gieske's email below and write a letter to Brezenoff.

Dear Friends,

Please take a minute to call Continuum Health Partners' - Stanley Brezenoff @ 212-420-2000 and John Wren @ 212-415-3776 to register your protest about the closure of LICH pediatrics. They are proposing closure of all in-patient and out-patient pediatric services there.
Our next closest hospitals are Brooklyn Hospital and Methodist Hospital, both with already overburdened emergency rooms.
LICH has a special pediatric emergency room that segregates the children from the
adults. It's quite good.
This has to be approved by the Department of Health, so it might be useful to contact them as well: gov/html/ mail/html/ maildoh.html

Thanks for your support in "thinking globally and acting locally."

Dinah Gieske

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Dr. Gilgoff said...

From all of us at LICH - the nurses, the staff, and us doctors - we thank you for helping us in this fight. We have dedicated our lives to helping children and we need help in order to continue helping you and your family.
Please do whatever you can to help sway the state to stop this Manhattan group from taking away vital services to our wonderful Brooklyn community. See for more ways to help.
Please also know that we have already begun planning on ways to continue providing the same top quality healthcare should the state fail to stop the closure of pediatrics.
Specifically, we will continue to operate as your pediatricians and healthcare providers here in the community - we will just find a new space! But the closure of the pediatric emergency room and the lack of space and support for our pediatric specialists will without a doubt create a void in our communities pediatric healthcare.
Thank you for your support.
Dr. Hugh Gilgoff,
Medical Director, Pediatric Ambulatory Care.