Monday, October 13, 2008

What $12,000 A Month Gets You On Smith


I guess I hadn't realized how high the rents had gotten on Smith Street. This week-end I happened to walk by Smith Hanten's real estate office and saw the advert for a store front at the corner of Pacific and Smith. The space is rather big at 1,400 sqft plus basement. In addition, it happens to be a coveted corner location, only one block away from Atlantic Avenue. But $12,000 a month does seem a bit steep, no?
Of course only a chain store or a restaurant can afford to pay this kind of rent. No wonder the realtor is using such buzz phrases as "sidewalk café."

It will be interesting to see who will spring for that amount of money.

You can see the listing here

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Anonymous said...

this place has been on the market for over 6 months..(and it was quietly marketed for 3 months before that)..that's what dreaming of 12k a month gets empty storefront!...those people at smith hanten promise these unsuspecting landlords the world...lying to them to achieve an exclusive on their properties. I tell yah, I have never met a duo worse than the two crackpots that operate smith hanten realty.

Anonymous said...

They (Smith Hanten) also closed down the old weird 5-and-dime (and assorted mis-translated off-license leaded toys from Asia) at Smith and Wyckoff and listed it for $10,000/month over a year ago (maybe two?). Who came in? Starbucks... the only people who can afford that type of rent!

Anonymous said...

I have from a pretty reliable sources that Starbucks saw that site when the asking rent was $8,000 and due to their strength managed to get it for $6,500 on a fairly long lease.

Anonymous said...

You know you can get a cappuccino from the skate shop across the street for around the same price as a Starbucks and it's way tastier... and you can support those cool skater kids instead of a big scary corporate bully and maybe sleep better at night (if the caffeine doesn't keep u up).

Betcha they're not paying 12,000 month or had the strength to talk down a lease when they opened but they're still kick(flip)in'.

Point is, there's a solution to every problem if you think about it for 10 minutes instead of offering up snark about how "crazy" a situation is. Now's the time to figure things out, offer solutions, and organize... not complain.