Thursday, October 02, 2008

Toll Brothers Spent $365,000 On Lobbying For Gowanus Rezoning


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Lobbying For Gowanus Rezoning? $365,000
Getting Your Way? Priceless

Toll Brothers
Attn: David Von Spreckelson

New York Urban Division

16 Court Street Suite 1009
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, LLP
1177 Av. of the Americas
New York, NY.10036


in 2006: $ 23,085.50

in 2007: $ 65,025.50
in 2008: $276,966.50
Grand Total: $365,077.50

: New York City Council, City Planning Commission, Brooklyn Borough President, Brooklyn Community Board 6 and Mayor's Office, State Assembly

: Rezoning Of Property Bounded By Bond St., Carroll Street, the Gowanus Canal and 2nd Street

What chances do Carroll Gardeners have to protect their neighborhood from over-development if developers are spending mega bucks on lobbyists in order to influence local politicians and community boards?
Yesterday, I reported that Bill Stein, developer of Oliver House at 360 Smith Street had spent $ 35,000 to lobby Councilman Bill DeBlasio.
A further search on New York City's government page revealed that the Toll Brothers have spent a total of $365,000 to facilitate the rezoning of the two blocks along the Gowanus Canal that they wish to have rezoned for residential use so that they can build condos.
Now, don't get me wrong. I know that lobbying is perfectly legal, but it's something that I associate with Washington and big government. Finding out that it happens right here on such a local level is disturbing in many ways.
As local residents, we should insist on a level playing field as well as equal attention from our politicians and representatives.
We may not have the money that these fat cat developers can throw around, but we pay plenty of taxes...and we vote!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad this is all being brought out. This site is so important to the Life line of NYC. Why don't you advertise this site more?

Anonymous said...

wow. I hope Brownstoner and all of the other Brooklyn blogs are picking this up!!!

Lisanne said...

Egads!!! I know that is just chump change for them but it is so unfair to the people who like you said pay taxes and vote in the neighborhood and who are going to (possibly) be majorly effected by their development.

Good detective work Katia!

Anonymous said...

We need to ask our council men how much he has gotten of this money.

We need an answer from hin now!

Anonymous said...

Do we know if any of this money has been going to CB6 members? Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

Toll Bros. can recoup that money by selling one of their 460 plus units (a smaller one). This is an indication of the huge profits they stand (hope) to make if the rezoning comes through.

But now markets have collapsed, and one thing that is clear is that we need jobs. Rezoning a manufacturing area for residential is the last thing we need!