Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Ticky Tacky House Plopped Onto Smith Street Row House


142 Smith Street with addition

One ticky tacky house added to an old brick townhouse on Smith is an oddity. But what if a second one makes an appearance just two doors down? Does it constitute a trend? 146 Smith Street at the corner of Bergen Street was bastardized by the addition of a one story brick "maisonette" a few years ago. But in the last few weeks, # 142 Smith Street succumbed to an even worse fate. Someone thought it appropriate to plunk a blue vinyl clad "bungalow" right on top of the existing townhouse.
On the NYC D.o.B. site, this little horror is called a penthouse. Oh, excuse me.
How long do you suppose, dear reader, it will be till number 144 follows suite?

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Anonymous said...

While walking through hell

Woody Allen: What did you do?

Man: I invented aluminum siding.

Woody Allen's 'Deconstructing Harry'


Anonymous said...

Crazy that I walk there every day and didn't notice. Gross indeed.

Anonymous said...

Sort of a fake cape cod. You would think more wndows would have been in order. Most buildings on the place streets actually had a floor above the mansard roofs. Most have been removed but some you can still see on say 1st Place near Smith. People have rights to their air rights. The poor beuatiful yellow clap board house over the Bergen subway is now gone forever. Hidden behind whatever is being built there.