Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Next For "Oyster Bar That Never Was" On Hoyt Street?


Not so long ago, Jim Mamary envisioned an oyster bar at 299-301 Hoyt Street. That didn't sit very well with neighboring residents who pointed out that the restaurant entrepreneur had already opened the Black Mountain Wine House around the corner on Union Street. They argued that the location was zoned strictly residential and that a bar would impact the quiet nature of that block. Months of meetings and letter writing by the Hoyt Street Alliance followed.

As is often the case in such matters, Community Board 6 and the Buildings Department seemed to be on the side of the business owner. It looked as though work on the Oyster bar was going to proceed, but relief for the Hoyt Street residents finally did come when the Buildings Department reversed its original position and made the determination that the zoning at that location did not allow a bar.

Slapped with a STOP WORK order, Mamary pulled out of the deal.
In a New York Times article, Mamary stated that he would seek revenge against the Hoyt street residents by keeping chickens in the little yard in front of the wine bar around the corner.

I am happy to report that no chickens were sighted as of yesterday, but the space is now being marketed for rent by the Carroll Gardens Realty.
If the zoning is Use Group 4, only Community Facility usage is allowed. This would include educational, recreational, religious, health or other essential services for the community it serves.
No bars, no restaurants....

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