Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Before And After: Getting It Right On Henry Street



(Photo credit: John Hatheway)

(Photo credit: Sebastian Fusco)

Reader Sebastian sent me the photo of this sweet little carriage house on Henry Street between 1st and 2nd Place. He writes:
"Not sure if you have ever seen this beautiful new carriage house on Henry Street but I feel like the owner did a wonderful job building this from scratch. The owner lives on the corner and this was a garage that she put a lot of effort into."
Yes, I couldn't agree more. It is just beautiful.
I had walked by this little jewel a few months ago when it was still in construction. I always wanted to stop by to see the finished result, so I was excited to see Sebastian's photos. The architect on this project was John Hatheway. His design not only enhances that block, it is respectful of the surrounding brownstones. .
I contacted John to get more information on this project. He sent along the 'before' photos of the old structure. Quite an impressive improvement, I'd say.

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Anonymous said...

How lovely!! Will this be a residence? I had the pleasure of recently meeting Mr. Hatheway - I am very impressed by the quality and precision of this revival!! Let's just hope and pray that many others will see the light!

Anonymous said...

A lovely little structure. It looks well constructed, to boot, which means it'll age well and only add more to the neighborhood in time.