Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Continuum Health "Pirates" Still Not Doing Right By L.I.C.H.

Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Dr. Toomas Sorra

Since the Department of Health denied Continuum Health Partners' request to shut Long Island College Hospital's obstetrics, pediatrics and neo-natal units in November, Continuum has not informed the community by refuting the letter which had announced the closings.
Last night at the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, Dr. Toomas Sorra, spokesman for the medical staff, stated that Continuum's refusal to make a statement has further drained the hospital financially and has been disheartening to all those who work so hard at keeping the hospital viable. LICH doctors are still intent on breaking ties with Continuum and to turn it back into an independent institution. Their hope is to replace the current board with one that would have more local representation and a new hospital administration that was more doctor and community friendly. Most importantly, they hope to find another medical institution to partner with.
One thing is for sure: Continuum has to go. It has become painfully clear that their plan has always been to run the hospital into the ground, to sell off the real estate, close the 150 year old institution and to pocket millions of dollars. In the meantime, as Brooklyn residents, we should support the medical staff. We can do that by writing to the Department of Health, to Governor Paterson and to Continuum.
Lets face it, L.I.C.H. may have some real problems, but if we don't fight for our hospital, we will lose a vital institution. I don't think that is in anyone's interest.

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