Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Life At 348 Sackett Street's Long Dormant Construction Site?


I had heard from a reader a few months ago that the long dormant construction site at 348 Sackett Street between Court and Smith was for sale. There has not been any activity for a very long time and it seemed obvious that the owner was not going to complete the new building.
Originally, there were two houses on the 40 x100 lot which were demolished. The plans filed called for an 8 unit condominium building. The foundation was completed before the site was put back on the market for $ 3,300,000 by Corcoran. The sale price includes the plans for the 10,000 square building.
I just checked the web site and was surprised to see that the lot is actually in contract.
Lets see if construction will resume now. But more importantly, what will the new building look like...

Pardon me for asking though: Why does the realtor describe the address as being "a prime Cobble Hill development site?" As far as I know, Sackett Street is still Carroll Gardens.

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