Sunday, December 14, 2008

" Retailiation" On Hoyt Street


299-301 Hoyt Street

Retailiation On Hoyt Street

The new sign on 299-301 Hoyt Street shows the true colors of the landlord or the restaurateur. Whoever attached the sign to the gate is planning "retailiation" against the opponents of the proposed oyster bar.
This lack of consideration for their neighbors verifies the concerns voiced by the Hoyt street residents.

Not so long ago, Jim Mamary envisioned an oyster bar in the space once occupied by a pediatrician at 299-301 Hoyt Street. That didn't sit very well with neighboring residents who pointed out that the restaurant entrepreneur had already opened the Black Mountain Wine House around the corner on Union Street. They argued that the location was zoned strictly residential and that a bar would impact the quiet nature of that block.
The Community Board 6 and the Buildings Department supported the business owner's position at first, but relief for the Hoyt Street residents finally did come when the Buildings Department reversed its original position and made the determination that the Use Group 4 zoning on that block of Hoyt Street did not allow a bar.
Under Use Group 4, only community facility usage is allowed. This would include educational, recreational, religious, health or other essential services for the community it serves.

Since then, Mamary has pulled out of the deal.
In a New York Times article, Mamary stated that he would seek revenge against the Hoyt street residents by keeping chickens in the little yard in front of the wine bar around the corner. A 'for lease' sign from the Carroll Gardens Realty went up at the end of November, but obviously, the owner has not found a new tenant yet. I am not sure that sign will help.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that's sarcasm, because those are the type of "businesses" that ARE allowed in the space, but his innocent oyster bar is not.

Unknown said...

I'm a huge fan of this blog, but I'm troubled by the bias of this report. Who put up the sign? It's not clear from the article, but it is certainly a question that the reporter should have asked.

Does Mamary own the location or was he merely seeking to rent it for his ill-fated oyster bar? That's also an important question.

Also, the sign, as sarcastic as it is, is accurate. Those businesses are exactly the kind that the Department of Buildings said are appropriate on that block.

If any of them open, I suspect that some people on the block may not be happy, however, which was the point the sign-poster was making.


Anonymous said...

I think there's no way to tell who wrote and put up that sign. But if it were Jim Mamary who did so, it only illustrates how juvenile his threats are.

Anonymous said...

The real irony is that all the medical services described by this sign in threatening terms would be far less of a nuisance to the block than Mr. Mamary's proposed business would have been.

WAKE UP, CARROLL GARDENS! GET REAL, CB 6! SMARTEN UP, BROOKLYN PAPER! This man is neither "a great guy" nor a good neighbor.

Anonymous said...

I love this sign! NIMBYs getting a taste of their own medicine. Nicely done, Mamary, if it was in fact you who hung the sign.

Anonymous said...

so so so nimby... 'oyster bar' is not a euphemism for a raging LES-type dive bar serving fish sticks... This guy has every right to be pissed off. I bet the nabe would love a tea lounge with stroller parking that closes at 8PM...

Anonymous said...

There is no defensible reason why Mamary should open up another eatery on that block of Hoyt Street when so many storefronts are becoming available on Smith. Take a walk and count ' least half a dozen now along the stretch. Commercial establishments (i.e., the inevitably noisy ones) should remain on commercial streets. That's all we need on our residential streets, more garbage, more rodents, more noise.

Anonymous said...

that's obviously a funny joke. you are taking this too seriously.