Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work Resumes At Long Boarded Up 132 Second Place


What started in 2005 as a four story rear addition onto 132 Second Place quickly turned into disaster when the back wall collapsed into the neighbor's back yard in the fall of 2006 ( no pun intended). No wonder. Some of the work had been done without proper permits.
The building languished in limbo since then, the windows depressingly bricked up.
In 2007, the deed to the property was transferred from the Mohegan Holding Company, LLC to a Henry Azcue for $1,825,000.
Just about two weeks ago, work on the brownstone resumed. It seems that some of the violations have been resolved. The Buildings Department has issued a new work permit.
That's great news, except that just days ago, a new complaint was made and a new violation was served. The problem this time? Excessive debris throughout entire premises.
Ah, now that is a great start!

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Nice house out a cornice and wow.