Friday, January 09, 2009

Rally To Save Brooklyn Bridge This Sunday!


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Anonymous said...

I don't see how this harms the brooklyn bridge. You're making it sound like they're about to tear it down.

Kelly said...

Hi Anon,
In this case, I just posted the flier of the organizers and took their name
for the rally.
Their argument is that this new building will be much higher than the bridge and will obscure many of the characteristic Brooklyn views that we have all come to love.

Anonymous said...

This has really nothing to do with the Brooklyn Bridge.

I own a business in Dumbo and more people and amenities are a good thing for the neighborhood. The title of the rally is misleading and should not be posted on a Carroll Gardens blog.

"will obscure many of the characteristic Brooklyn views that we have all come to love." What specific views are you referring to? The height of the building will only affect the views of a couple of buildings on Main St.

I'm glad you post things about other Brooklyn neighborhoods; however, I feel that you should be more informed about other Brooklyn neighborhood issues before posting fliers like this one.

Anonymous said...

Castillo misses the point. It's not the views from other buildings, its the view from the bridge! But I get his point. Bigger buildings mean more business for his store. We can't keep sacrificing for the rich or greedy few. If we do we will certainly become as Rome, a rich persons playground of no value to the country's enterprises, and then we will suffer its fate. We will be replaced by a Constantinople.