Monday, January 05, 2009

Judging By The Empty Shelves, Brooklyn's Trader Joe's Seems Recession Proof

Shelves At Trader Joe's On Court Street
January 3rd , 2009

Yes, I know, I should be on a diet after the last week of holiday eating and drinking, but a blogger girl still needs essentials such as milk, bread and salad. So, I stopped by Trader Joe's on Court Street on Saturday to pick up some food stuff.
Judging by the long line and empty shelves in the store, the holidays have been very, very good to Trader Joe's on Court Street in Brooklyn.
The store was sold out of quite a few items.
Not a humus was left on the shelves, not a whole wheat bread in sight and the meat department was almost empty.
I am certain that they will be fully stocked again by Monday. But it appears that business is booming at that location.  Brooklyn's Trader Joe's seems to be recession proof.


Anonymous said...

fyi: I was there when they were completely empty as well. I asked, and I guess they didn't receive two deliveries in a row (they normally receive a delivery in the morning and evening).

Anonymous said...

I see two semi-trucks unloading on Atlantic, every evening after they close. Unbelievable how much food passes through that place.

Unknown said...

I wonder how the other groceries shops nearby are doing....

Lisanne said...

Well, I still make a point of going to Sahadi's and I am pleased to say it was MOBBED on Saturday, when I took my number to get my coffee ($4.40 lb for french roast!!!) and such, I had 20 people ahead of me...but i just did my other shopping until then but i digress....i go for trader joes for some things but try and spread the wealth..and i think i as there the same day as you cause it was pretty sparse as well.

Anonymous said...

yikes...starting to look like target....without all the idiots.

Anonymous said...

The shelves are empty because less food is being produced.

Check the stats on that and you will see the truth.

annulla said...

Yep, the prices are fair and people still have to eat. Plus, there's no other place in the world to buy those amazing chocolate covered Jo-Jos.

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