Monday, January 12, 2009

One Business Closing And One Re-opening On Court Street


A sad sign appeared in the window of the Brooklyn Artisan Gallery at 221 A Court Street at the corner of Warren Street. After 14 years, the gallery will close on January 31th. It appears that it has been hard to make a go of it for a while. The current economy certainly will not be kind to places such as these. So sad!
But, here is a bit of good news:

Signs of life at former restaurant Caffé Carciofo at 248 Court Street. Currently, a restaurant/ wine liquor license has been applied for by a certain 'Bread and Butter Development Group, LLC'.
Does anyone know anything more?

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BestViewInBrooklyn said...

That is truly sad news about the Brooklyn Artisan Gallery. I remember when it first appeared; it is a great place for special gifts.

On the other hand, I'm glad the Caffe Carciofo space will be filled. I loved CC for dinner...but I heard it went downhill in its last couple of years. Hopefully, the new place will be a wonderful addition.

Thanks for keeping me updated!

Kelly said...

Hi Best View,
It is amazing how quickly the stores are closing here in my neighborhood. How about in yours?
I still miss Shakespeare's Sister
which was also on Court. It closed a while back. It also had some nice gifts and specialty items.

As far as Carciofo, it's nice to know that life will return to that corner. I wonder what kind of food the new place will serve.

annulla said...

Oh, what sad news. The Gallery was a great place, as was Shakespeare's Sister. At least craftspeople still have a home online at

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