Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Abadi Warehouse: Carroll Gardeners Finally Clued In On Demo


CB6 Public Safety/Environmental Protection Committee Meeting last night
Mr. Abadi's Lawyer
Perry Ferrara, demolition contractor
Michael Zukauskas of GEI Consultants ,
hired by National Grid

Carroll Gardeners finally received some information about the demolition of the Abadi warehouse at 455-458 Smith Street.
Last night, at Community Board 6's Public Safety/Environmental Protection
Committee meeting, Mr. Abadi's lawyer, his demolition contractor Perry Ferrara and Michael Zukauskas of GEI Consultants, a geotechnical consulting firm hired by National Grid, talked about the project and explained what has been done so far and what will happen next.

It seems that in the spring of 2008, asbestos was discovered in the roof of the warehouse. Before receiving a demolition permit from the Department of Buildings, this asbestos had to be abated. The work was completed in July 2008 and the asbestos removed from the site.

Currently, Mr. Ferrara explained, Phase 1 of the project is under way. This involves the removal of all of the structure above ground. The roof has been removed except for one small section. The exterior walls will be knocked down next, which is no more than a two day procedure.
Lastly, the floor slab will be taken up. The debris will be shipped out of the area on barges on the Gowanus canal.

Phase 2 will involve anything below ground and will be the responsiblity of Keyspan/ National Grid (the former Brooklyn Union Gas). The company once operated a gas manufacturing plant on the site. Over decades, dangerous toxins have leached into the ground and will need to be remediated . For this, they have hired GEI Consultants. As explained by Mr. Zukauskas, GEI's representative,
the work will present two problems: dust and vapors.
To keep dust from spreading as the soil is disturbed, the area will be wet down. The release of vapors will be constantly monitored. If they should escape, they will be contained by using a special foam which knocks them down. Work will be stopped until it is safe to continue. Foam spreading equipment will be on site.

Mr. Ferrara and Mr.Zukauskas promised to be more communicative. Last night, they agreed to inform the Community Board of all steps taken.

As for the stop work order that has been placed on the site? Mr. Ferrara stated that all points had been addressed and feels confident that the order will be lifted by Wednesday.

My opinion?
Carroll Gardeners should be extremely vigilant. The toxic brew underneath the warehouse is incredibly dangerous. It is in our best interest to stay involved, ask questions and press our officials to do the same.


Anonymous said...

what is going up in its place???

Kelly said...

I wish I knew. That was not discussed last night. Apparently, Mr. Abati is keeping mum about his plans

Anonymous said...

Yes, be vigilant residents! If you should smell something funny, assume it will cause you cancer and call the DOB to get a stop work order, again! The smell couldn't possibly be something else...like the canal?

On a more serious note, how about some accolades for the the demolition crew, using the canal instead of our streets? Lets give some credit where credit is due!

Anonymous said...

Its a good point and smart planning on their part, kudos. Ultimately this property, whether it becomes rental or condos, could be a very smart investment. Assuming the site can be cleaned properly Gowanus is ready to become a cool neighborhood in the next market uptick. Best of luck to them.

Unknown said...

i'm curious about the asbestos remediation. i go by the building every morning on the f train and never saw the building encased in protective sheeting, or any visible evidence of "remediation." is it possible this was all done from the inside?

Kelly said...

That, dear David, is anyone's guess.
This is why it is important for the community to continue to ask questions.

p7a said...

Hey, this is the only website I can find regarding this place. Did you hear about the wall crashing down on the street, wrecking a few cars?

Kelly said...

Hi p7a,
Sure did. And am not surprised at all that the building finally collapsed. This was a disaster ready to happen from the start.

I was on vacation when it happened. I will go past and take some photos in the next few days.

p7a said...

I'm posting as my car was involved in the wreck. I can send you some photos.

I was given a number to claim for insurance, but been given the runaround. The claims adjuster is saying that the insured party (Cat Construction) may not have coverage for demolition.

Kelly said...

Oh, please do send me photos. Would love to post them along with any info you feel comfortable sharing.
You can send them to me via email to pardonmeinbrooklyn@gmail.com
Thanks so much