Thursday, February 05, 2009

This Is What Happens When Fido Is Left In The Snow

This is what happens
when Fido is left in the backyard
during a snow fall.

( Of course, this canine is of the topiary kind)

Thanks Alexandrea, for sending me these great shots.

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Gina Holden said...

Hey Katia,

How are you and your family?

Can you tell me where this photo was taken? It looks like the backyard of 318 President St, my old neighbor Mike and Amy Romeo.

I heard that he passed away at Christmas time. I was so sorry to hear of it. It makes me even sadder to realize that the old neighborhood is loosing so many of it original people.

Take care. Gina

Katia said...

Hi Gina,
Yes, isn't it terribly sad? I heard about it after Christmas and was surprised. I had seen him walking along Smith Street in November.
A very sweet neighbor of mine, named Grace, passed away last months.
Yes, the neighborhood is changing.
Hope everything is fine in Florida,