Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey, Neighbors! Pardon Me For Asking, But...


Pardon Me for asking

Won't you please, please, please answer this question?

I would so like to hear your answer.


Here it is:


"If you ever moved away from Carroll Gardens,
what restaurant would you miss the most?"


Just because its Friday and because I would love to try out this new feature, I invite you to come up with an answer to a question pertaining to Carroll Gardens or Brooklyn at large.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a tough one. Hope that I will never have to move from here.
But if I had to, I would miss Ferdinand's on Union Street the most. Don't think there is anything like it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

If you are truly from Carroll Gardens there are only 2 answers. Ferdinands on Union and Marco Polo. In distant second The Red Rose, and Sams. and Joes Supperette Rice Balls.

Anonymous said...

See, I'm Italian and so I never really eat out Italian, I always cook it at home (or, more fairly, wait for when I visit my mother) so I've never been to either of those places. I know a lot of people would probably disagree, but I really love Le Petit Cafe. It's my top choice mainly because I've never been to another place like it. I've had coffee/breakfast there so many times and the indoor garden is amazing. I actually went in there with a group of 9 last Saturday night for dinner and everything was great. Plus, I can always find food under $10, which is perfect for someone like me on a budget. So, Le Petit Cafe is my answer! (Though I will try Ferdinado's the next time I do go out for Italian)

Anonymous said...

Raga -- Purely for the Mulligatawny

Crazy people on the A train said...

This is not Carroll Gardens, its Red Hook, but I love Hope and Anchor

Kelly said...

Great suggestions so far. Love all the places, myself.

Sara, I guess, technically, Carroll Gardens is (was) Red Hook at one time, so it counts.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Ferdinando's, because it is the most unique and irreplaceable of the Carroll Gardens restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Restaurants? I've lived here all my life, and the restaurants were not at the top of my list.

What I would miss:

The Good Friday Procession at St. Stephen's Church.
Walking down Court St and stopping every 20 feet to say hello to a neighbor.
Walking around the neighborhood at Christmas time to see the holiday decorations.
The front gardens.
I would miss being able to do all my grocery shopping on foot, never using a car.
I would miss Court Pastry...even if I have to wait on line for an hour at Christmas time.

And while I am on the topic..
Things I miss from the old Carroll Gardens:

The Maria Addolorata Feast
The St. Mary's Bazaar
The "Pork Butcher Shops" on Court Street
Frances' Vegetable Store
Tucker, the vegetable vendor w/ the horse
Hearing the old timers speaking Italian along Court St.
Watching Bacci in Carroll Park (there was a fist fight once between 2 old men)
Going to Sunday Mass w/ St. Mary's Class.
St Mary's Band
and having my Grandparents and all my aunts, uncles and cousins around.

That's what I miss.

Kelly said...

That's just lovely, Anonymous,

Thanks for those memories.

yvonne said...

I would miss Bocca Lupa for their awesome brunch menu and Fragole for their papardelle.

Anonymous said...

Chicken wings at that goofy Ceol irish bar. No. Really. They're pretty good.

Spensyr said...

Hands down I would pine for Lucali's pizza if I ever moved away!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tips responders to this blog. Will have to check them all out. I like Casa Rosa - their shrimp diabolo and their linguine with white clam sauce are superb!!!

Anonymous said...

I've lived in and around Carroll Gardens my whole life, and I will ditto Casa Rosa as the best Italian joint! Tho Vinnie's has been really on point lately...

Anonymous said...


Born in Carroll Gardens said...

Hands Down - The Red Rose.
In Carroll Gardnes for almost 30 years, onwed by the same couple (Tony & Anna) and is run by thier Son Santo.
The Food is Fresh, the portions LARGE, the prices WAAAAAAAAY Lower than any other Italian 'sit down restaurant' in C.G.'s
I'm Italian and I love to try the food at different restaurants - Red Rose is the winner, Hands Down!