Monday, April 06, 2009

In 1966, Vita Realty Was.....



More from Carroll Gardens in 1966, extracted from a St. Stephen' s parish 'souvenir journal' commemorating its 100th birthday.
On the last few pages, there are wonderful congratulatory messages, some from local stores. The one above is from Romeo's Food Center, and American- Italian food center that was operating out of 317 Court Street at this time.
The proprietors were S. Zerilli and A. Caracciola
Today the storefront is home of Vita Realty.

Does anyone remember Romeo's or its two owners? Any detail would be greatly appreciated

My thanks go to Joe Alameda of Perfect Corner
for lending me the St. Stephen's book.

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Anonymous said...

My guess is that Angela Vita (owner of Vita Realty) herself would have some memories...

Anonymous said...

I live in the building and one of our neighbors whose backyard backs up to ours told me (through the fence) all about the little store the Romeo’s ran. Our neighbors’ family has owned their building on Sackett for many years and remembers them. Also I am pretty sure I found a picture of the Romeo's in the basement...but I can't confirm it's them. Do you happen to know how old the building is? I am also dying to know the original configuration of the living space in the building.

FrankiePitt said...

I'm 42 years old and grew up in the neighborhood. Until I was in the first or second grade, my grandparents lived on Sackett Street, right around the corner from where Vita now stands.

I have very vague memories of the grocery store/deli that was there in the early 1970s. I know I was inside once or twice. I remember that my grandmother always called it "the sister's," as in, "I stopped by the sister's for a container of milk."

Kelly said...

How, great, everyone. Thanks for the details.
I love it
And you know I would be incredibly interested in a photo of the place.