Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sad, Sad News From The Blogging Community: The Passing Of Bob Guskind


Video, courtesy of Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn

First his blog went off the air, then the incredibly sad news that Bob Guskind, the man behind Gowanus Lounge, had passed away yesterday, March 4th.
Bob was known by everyone in the blogger community. He worked harder than any of us, published seven days a week and covered more of Brooklyn than any other borough blogger.

Over the last year and a half, Bob has been so wonderfully generous in helping Pardon Me For Asking reach a wider audience. I will forever be grateful to him and will miss the man as well as his online voice.
Rest in peace, Bob.

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Anonymous said...

I am stunned. Bob brought so many disparate communities together- got everyone talking, networking all over Brooklyn. He kept so much energy and information out there on the blogs. What a void he leaves.
Any news of a memorial, etc? Unfortunately, I am already going to another very unexpected funeral service tomorrow morning.
My sincere sypathy to his family.

Kelly said...

I will post the information as soon as I find out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katia. I was in contact with Bob 2 days before the blog went down and his death. He was a wonderful man and helped us win our battle with Jim Mamary.